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When I was in 3rd grade, there was a little girl who picked on me. I had never really experienced anything like that. So I told my mom and asked for help. My mom told me that the little girl was jealous and to ignore her. I was pretty sure this wasn’t the case, as this girl had the cutest clothes and the most friends. The conversation with mom ended with me feeling even more confused and alone. The experience that year pretty much haunted me all the way through elementary, middle and high school. It may even be the root of my passion for fashion, as at the time, I convinced myself it was because my clothes and I were not “good enough” to be loved. As I grew older, I harbored a lot of anger at my mom for not giving me something more than “jealous” to resolve the issue.

Fast Forward to this week. As I am driving with my son, he discloses that he was called stupid by some boys. My heart sunk and my throat constricted and I remembered the pain I felt in 3rd grade. I was so upset at the thought of him feeling the same pain. I felt a sense of panic and an overwhelming obligation to come up with something better than “jealous”. We had a long talk, and I hope I convinced him that his self worth should never be tied to the words of those who haven’t taken the time to get to know him.

As I had time to think about our conversation, I realized I was completely unprepared to hear him confess that he was having his feelings hurt. As parents, though we recognize our children’s flaws, we see them through the eyes of someone who loves them no matter what. It is difficult to consider that someone else cannot appreciate all that we love about our child and my sole concern was that he not believe the hurtful words that were said to him. I am sure my mother felt the same feelings when I disclosed what was being said to me. While her words aren’t what I believed I needed to hear at the time, they came from the same loving place that my words to my son came this week.

So Mom, I apologize for all the years I was angry that all you gave me to work with was “jealous”. As I travel through this journey of motherhood, I am struck at how easy it has become to understand you. I am blown away, because I spent my teens and 20′s convincing myself that I would never figure you out. I guess you could say that aside from the love I feel for my boys, the greatest gift of motherhood has been to finally feel how much YOU love me.

Let’s admit it, breastfeeding is the not the sexiest you have ever felt.  Add in heat and humidity and there are days you feel like a sweaty beast with a boob hanging out.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do in the summer heat is layer so I’m covered.  However, the post partum lumps and bumps demand coverage.  So, while I am not 100% sold on the necessity of nursing wear in the winter, in the summer – it seems like a must!

I recently discovered Milk Nursing Wear and I have to say, I am quite impressed with their fashionable selections!  While I miss my daily Anthropologie, dry cleaning and maintaining that wardrobe just isn’t going to happen while dribbling milk and spit up everywhere.

So…without further adieu, here are the Haute Mommy picks for fashionable nursing this summer.

Day Dresses:

Whether hanging by the pool or hitting the park with the kiddos, a dress is a necessity in the summer heat.  There are 2 at Milk Nursing Wear that I love for every day wear (click the picture to link to product).

so slimming and so easy to nurse.  The lift up style is very pumping friendly as well.  They make a tank in the same style, if a dress isn’t your thing.

And a halter dress (I purchased in black):


You don’t even need a bra with this dress.  If you have a huge chest, you may be uncomfortable but at a 36 DD I can’t wait to be bra free in the summer heat.

Summer Staple:  Shorts and a T shirt.

Milk again has the answer for this, with a cute ruffle T that hides the lumps and bumps, allows for discreet nursing and looks so cute with a pair of boyfriend shorts

Imagine how cute (and stylish) you will look wearing this:


On the Town:
Finally, every Haute Mommy knows that dinner out with hubby or martinis with the ladyfriends is a must:

Again the folks over at Milk have an answer (as a bonus, this top would work great in an office setting):

For going out, I like it paired with this flattering maxi skirt from Zappos and a pair of gladiator sandals:


So there you have it.  My roundup of the best summer fashion to nurse your baby in style and beat the heat!

I am a suburban mom of 2.  I live in the south, but hail from the north.  I came to the south because I met the love of my life and we have been happily married now for 10 years.  I am the proud mommy to 2 fabulous little boys:  Maxwell (Max, Bubbie) who is 8 and Zachary (Zach, Smooshie) who will be 16 weeks old tomorrow.  I work from home as a geek (tech support).  I am hockey obsessed, fashion obsessed and have an unhealthy addiction to my iPhone.  I love to cook.  Before my most recent pregnancy, I was fitness obsessed.  My next goal is to find that passion for fitness again.  I am optimistic and rarely dwell on the negative in life.  I am a rabid Libertarian with a deep faith in the Lord.  I expect most of my posts to hit the above topics.  I hope you’ll come along and enjoy the ride :)